“If You Want to Be A Millionaire, You Can’t Listen to Someone Making Minimum Wage”

My Monday night go-to staple has become the NJ’s Entrepreneurs Investors Haven in Real Estate held at La Rouge Restaurant & Lounge weekly. Every Monday there is a different guest speaker that presents on a different topic related to investing or pursuing an additional income stream via real estate.  This week, however, was a little different as we had the pleasure of hearing from Rizal “Biz” Gilmore who is currently running for councilman of the West Ward of Newark.

In addition to pursuing a new career in politics, Gilmore is a motivational speaker, philanthropist, and host of the talk show “Giving at Life.”  Besides giving back to his community, his number one cause over the past several years has been raising awareness and funding to help those fighting the battle with cancer. Rizal’s crusade began back in 2007 when his wife Latoshia was diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, Latoshia succumbed to the disease in 2013 but that did not stop Rizal from continuing to get the word out and educating others. He started the GAL Foundation in 2014 in her honor, and to promote healthy eating habits, preventative measures, and raise funds for those also battling the disease.

As for his words of wisdom related to real estate and investing in the community, he urges anyone who is looking to invest in urban communities such as Newark to not only be prepared to reap the financial benefits, but also to be invested into the people of the community and helping them build a better future.  He says there is not enough focus of reciprocity for people coming into these neighborhoods. In other words, people come in looking to see what benefits they can reap without thinking about what they have to offer and give back.

His other main point was that in order for people in traditionally underserved and impoverished communities to flourish, we must educate ourselves and surround ourselves with people that are also looking to improve their situation. In order to get to a higher place financially, spiritually, or professionally you must follow the path of someone who has walked it before, not someone who has never been there and trying to tell you what they think you should do.

Check out a bonus conversation with Rizal after the event here!




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